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QuadZip Back Panel

QuadZip Back Panel

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Plate Carrier

The QuadZip panel is a dedicated panel for the Ferro Concepts FCPC V5 plate carrier. With a larger & a smaller compartment with a loop lining, users can customize their panel as they wish. The compression style straps on the outside of the bag allow users to compress the pack when installed, reducing the chance of inadvertent snags or loss of equipment. With our 4 zip style, each zipper pull can be used to open up individual compartments, allowing the user to maintain security on other compartments if they so wish. Furthermore, if all zippers are opened up, the user will have access to the entirety of their rearwards pack section without hassle. When fully opened, the pack acts like a book, allowing users to easily access any equipment they need, at a moments notice. 

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Made in Canada using US-manufactured MIL-SPEC materials.

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