The mission of Boreal Defence is to supply modern warfighters with practical and innovative equipment.

We employ cutting-edge technology to produce gear that will stand the tests of time in the most unforgiving environments. From the diligent study of manufacturing techniques to the selection of quality materials, Boreal Defence is intent on offering the best for its clients. Components are manufactured by hand from the highest quality materials and thoroughly inspected before being sent out to end-users.

We are firm believers in the engineering design process and denounce complacency as an option. Function and reliability are at the forefront of our design principles, and we will never make compromises that inhibit users from carrying out their mission. Through iterative improvement, we strive to continually tailor our products to the requirements of today and tomorrow.

​In other words: repetition breeds consistency; consistency breeds perfection.


    BD takes pride in providing reliable nylon solutions for our armed forces.


    Our company is committed to supporting local and federal law enforcement agencies.


    We manufacture products for defense against foreign and domestic threats.