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CHAD-30 Iris Aperture for Night Vision Devices

CHAD-30 Iris Aperture for Night Vision Devices

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The CHAD-30 is a specially designed Iris assembly for most PVS 14 Milspec style objective lenses. The CHAD-30 Allows end users to rapidly and accurately increase & decrease their depth of field and the amount of light the image intensifier receives in response to changing dynamics such as lighting and differing required depths of field. 

What sets the CHAD-30 apart from many cheaper iris systems on the market, is the ability to use night vision standard lenses such as LIF filters and sacrificial lenses, without step up/step down rings.

While irises do a phenomenal job of expanding standard night vision goggles' depth of field, they do limit the potential of a night vision device to amplify ambient light, and limit the field of view of the NVG to a minimal extent.

Compatible with any device that uses PVS-14 objective lenses, such as PVS-14, DTNVS, DTNVG, BNVD 1431, Katana, Aeturnus, RNVG, RPNVG, etc.

Sells as a set of 1. For binocular systems, purchase 2.

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