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Adventure Tactical Trilobyte™ Gen4 Helmet Light - International Version

Adventure Tactical Trilobyte™ Gen4 Helmet Light - International Version

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When safety is paramount, professionals rely on Adventure Tactical products. Made by the company that produced VIP lights, the Trilobyte strobe is a small package that packs a big punch. Whether you're a first responder, or a late night range enthusiast, Adventure Tactical strobes have you covered. When people think of IR strobes, they think of CWBP style battery packs and believe this system cannot be improved upon. With Adventure Tactical products, this could not be further from the truth.

The Trilobyte™  is Adventure Tactical's latest series of Helmet Lights that apply their innovative solutions to their fullest potential. Designed to maximize usability in high stress situations and contain an array of advanced features and patented technologies, all in a system that is easy to learn and operate.

The Gen4 model features four output colors, Red, White Green and Near Infrared (NIR).

  • Advanced Broadcast Group AutoSync™ synchronized flashing patterns that can be programmed and transmitted between groups of units.
  • Integrated Programming Mode; Mockingbird® Technology allows users to record and playback their own custom light signatures.
  • Overt and Covert functions separated with Dual Polarity Program Switching®
  • Laser / NIR Detect functionality available in both Overt and Covert feedback.
  • Positive vibrating feedback for tactile switch position indication.
  • Securely fastens to hook / loop surfaces with a snag-resistant, ergonomic design.
  • Output intensity can be adjusted within 5 levels.


  • All beacons of the same model will flash in unison when set to specific synchronized flashing functions.


  • Custom signatures can be easily and locally transmitted between Trilobyte™ devices without any external tools needed. Individually discernible, synchronized flashing groups can be set up and revised in real time for specialized C² tactics.


  • Separates groups of functions that can be switched between by holding down the two side buttons for specified periods of time: Hold and count to 1 for IR Mode Hold and count to 3 for Visual Mode. Hold and count to 6 for Programming Mode


  • Allows users to record and playback their own unique flashing signatures with any external light source containing a near-IR wavelength, including sunlight.


  • MultiVibe™ Technology offers tactical, vibrating feedback when functions on the integrated unit are activated. The number of vibrating beats differs depending on the activated position. This technology -- along with the raised position indicators featured in all of our product designs -- allows users to be sure what function the unit is set to just by feel. Ideal for situations when the unit is not in their line of site, such as mounted on the back of a helmet.

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