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The Nest (Package)

The Nest (Package)

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Message us your tripod mode, and we will ensure the system works for you.

The NEST ecosystem legs are made from durable & rigid laminate Cordura, with laser cut MOLLE compatible segments for attaching pouches or lashing scrim or vegetation to your tripod. Each leg has three sewn-in webbing loops for attaching tripod faces, allowing you to pick and choose your orientation as required. A minimum of two leg portions are required to utilize the NEST face component.

The NEST Panel is made from a rigid laminated fabric to allow users to securely mount most PALS compatible pouches onto your tripod. Due to the square cut design, the effect of wind upon the tripod is minimized. Pouches can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on user necessities. 

The NEST Net is made from a mesh base, with a g hook attachment system. With a central hole cut out, users have the option to tie down their tripod for added stability. The predominantly mesh construction allows water and fine debris to pass through the net, ensuring items are not soaked or waterlogged. 

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Made in Canada using US-manufactured MIL-SPEC materials.

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