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Cadex Low Profile Flip Up Mount (Dovetail)

Cadex Low Profile Flip Up Mount (Dovetail)

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The Low Profile Flip Up Mount by Cadex Inc is a Canadian made night vision mount that provides excellent value for the price. It has a much friendlier price point than its US made counterparts but is still rich in its feature offerings.

  • Most versatile mount for night vision monocular and binocular use
  • Dovetail shoe is adjustable for fitment to securely lock NVGs into place
  • Extended dovetail carriage travel to accomodate for gas mask usage and different mounting heights
  • Push button deploy mechanism for device security
  • Force-to-Overcome stow mechanism for ease of use
  • Maintains the lowest profile on the helmet
  • Made in Canada

photos courtesy of: Opfor Night Solutions

Canada only, this product is not exportable.

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