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The Because Operator Low Profile Mission Recorder (LPMR) is a fantastic, high quality night vision recorder for when the details matter. When using the LPMR 4K, recorded footage is very similar to what the human eye sees through your night vision devices. 

The BCO LPMR 4K is the next evolution of the LPMR Mk.2 which recorded in 1080P. The upgraded sensor and processor produce a clear and vibrant image that is a significant improvement over the legacy LPMR as well as every other system available. Please note that older video software may not be able to read 4K HEVC video files.

For our custom run LPMR 4K, we also requested custom firmware. These firmware changes are reversable upon request. The changes include:

  • 5 minute loop recording instead of 1 minute loop recording
  • Recording indicator light is disabled after 5 seconds of recording instead of constant blinking
  • Video output flipped 180 degrees, optimized for recording from bottom of device


  • Crystal clear Ultra High Definition 3840x2860 30fps recording

  • Externally powered via USB to your choice of battery pack. (not included)

  • Supports up to 512gb Micro SD, 30mb/s write speed minimum (~13GB/Hour)

  • Seamless 5 minute loop recording.

  • Auto record when powered on.

  • Integrated microphone.

  • 1.5 oz in weight.

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